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Balsamiq Mockups is a desktop and web app for designing web, mobile and other user interfaces layouts and wireframes.

After seeing the wireframes provided by a client and finding out this is what was used to generate them, I downloaded a trial version. Within minutes I purchased the full version and we have used it on several projects since.

The sketchy look of the mockups is ideal as it doesn’t impart any unintended design cues to the designer and lets the wireframes focus on the functionality and UI decisions.
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One of the least glamorous user interface elements on many sites arises when the default HTML file browse button is used for file uploads. Each browser implements it slightly differently, but none do it particularly gracefully. There are various plugins and custom implementations that seek to improve on this with features like drag and drop areas. is a hosted third party solution for file uploads that caught our interest recently. Essentially, after signing up for an account, embedding a small code snippet on the required site pages will give you a browse button with a difference.

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It’s taken a while, but we are finally ready to start actively blogging. The truth is that until now we didn’t think we had anything useful or interesting to write about but the reason was staring at us all along.

We are constantly scouring the web or being spammed with the latest and greatest products, tips, tricks, apps and gadgets that help us as developers and designers. Some are rubbish, many are time wasting, some are poorly designed or executed but some are brilliant and shape and influence the way we think and do things going forward.

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